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============== =A= ==================
“ComCom” (a Common Company or a ComComized unit) is a co-ownership
company, where each of its owners is either a peer (co-owner) or an
ordinary owner and where the type of any comcom is one of these 3 later
defined: Scomcom(Static-ComCom), Icomcom(Indi-ComCom) or Dcomcom
(Dynamic-ComCom) - Here are the 6 points explaining what is a ComCom:

1 Tradability: Based on a contract, the ability to trade the share
like shareholders having equal number shares, as each of the holders is
able to sell the share while the price reflects the value of the whole
unit, able doing it at any time, but doing it only in a restrained
transference and price, as the sell could be payed in lets, in ces, in
national currency or in direct exchange for good/s and/or service/s, where
the transference is a restrained transference: where the seller
first try selling the share to the group, and on the group's refusal,
except in the case of Icomcom, to others, and where the entrance of the
new member is matching to the criteria established by the group and
the price is a restrained price: where the value of the peers'
coin, being the value of the package of shares held each peer, can be
changed only in the range between the current value +- "Individual's
Exit Power" times half the current value divided by the number of the peers,
where "Individual's Exit Power" is a constant, which is
unchangeable in the comcom's lifetime, of which default equals 1.
2 Recursive nature of the contract: Buyers of any of its shares must
agree with all the points establishing any ComComized unit, where these
points are unchangeable and prior to any other agreement about the unit.
3 Coherent Layering: Each peer owner is either a person or a
ComComized unit and has exactly equal number of shares as any other peer
owner of the same unit,
where each ordinary owner of Scomcom is either a person or a
legal body other than comcom and
where, per each unit and directly or indirectly, holding more
than one position is forbidden.
4 The d: Added together, all the peers own the whole unit or only a
portion of it, as the ratio of the peers' portion is d (and hence d*100
is the percentage),
where the rest of the unit (if any) is owned by all its ordinary
(non-peer) owners and
where the ratio d of any Scomcomized unit is defined only once
in the creation of the unit;
hence d * i = c * n (d times i equals c times n), where
d (as in Decentralization ) is the ratio of the portion held
by all the peer owners
i is the number of Issued shares
c is the Counter of peers (amount of all peers) and
n is the number of shares per each peer owner.
5 Peers' autonomy: The number of peers holding it and regardless the
value of d must be agreed among the peers independently.
6 Flexibility of the d: In the Icomcomized or Dcomcomized units, the
number of its memebrs is as the number of all its shares and the number
of shares per each peer owner is always less than, or equal to, one and
is defined by the peers autonomously,
where each ordinary owner can only be a comcom of which peer
owners are members in the held unit and which is
either of the same type of the held unit
or is a Scomcom of which d equals one,
where any member can always switch back to become a peer owner
in the held unit and
where selling shares of an Icomcom can only be to its members as
a collective, as its representation is defined by their autonomy and so
that only as collective they can sell the share to a new becoming member
in it.

~~ End of the 6 points ~~

======== =B= ==============================

Be free and equal to become stronger - every buyer can get organized in
groups for becoming equal shareholder over part of the sellers: A
proposal for regulations for holding shares equally, under a contract
and with 6 points limit - creating a new balance between individuals and
their groups, for a bottom-up buildup of an alternative stock exchange,
for example, of consumers who possess equally parts of the sellers.

The premise of this short article is that the possibility of aggregation
unlimited power (power administrations, religious, economic, or other)
is the factor of evil – hence the purpose must always be
decentralization and the means should be implementing regulations for
alternative stock exchange based on these six points ( ).

Conceptually: to be ComComIst is to be both a free capitalist and an
equal socialist. (ComCom stands for COMmon COMpany) For further details
search: Yes I Am Angry.

Theoretically: Holding equally shares causes competitive teams, but
solidarity in each team, transparency of members' satisfaction with
cross-fertilization by the passing individuals between the groups and by
merging of small groups in equal holding in bigger group , while
struggling against the holders of most of the means of production, but
no longer, or not only, in (splited) homogeneous and closed groups of
interest, such as of workers, but in open, diverse and huge groups, such
as of buyers, which is in correlation with the mapping of the "occupy"
protestors drawing only one main line between the 99% (consumers)
against the 1% ( holders of most of the means and holdings of production).

Politically: A wise politician would push for limiting all governmental
acts in and around nationalization, privatization, bailout or cessation
of debt, to first making those for whom such act would be performed
(i.e. the people and not the few having enormous power) becoming equal
shareholders in the beneficiaries of such governmental acts. For further
details search GovComCom.

Although the target seems far the beginning of the realization is
possible at any time, by equal shareholding in mailing lists ( ), users becoming equal
shareholders in social network, readers in news paper, buyers in network
marketing and/or depositors in bank, as a well orchestrated ( ) boycotting is buildup ( ) to force equal shareholding in parts of
these and other entities.

Why holding equal shares like in stock market and not only having equal
vote like in cooperative or in democratic country and what exactly is
the difference?

Independently, the equal shareholder in his exit sets the price of
all shares of the group and hence of the executive power and of all
other members, which gives a completely new power to each individual and
to minority in the group,
Both - the private interest (by holding a share) and the common
interest (by holding it equally) originate from exactly the same
position of equal shareholding,
The equal shareholder is in a WinWin position of entrance to and
exit from the group.

How to protect the group or what is the shareholding restraint?

Like in open source, modification of any of the six points in the
contract is forbidden, since selling share is only allowed to the buyer
confirming the points and hence for example a corporation can not buy
the whole company.
Holding such share is committed to fixed criteria - for example, the
prohibition of racism or per each shareholder a maximum of assets
holdings is set.
The ranges for change in the price of a share is proportional to the
member's power when is multiplied by a constant reflecting the
authorization for fluctuations of the company value, for example the
fluctuations in price would range from $9 to $11, with 10 equal
shareholders, when share price equal $10 and the value of the constant
is one.
The group has the privilege to be the first buyer of any share.
Through all layers of holding, one person can hold no more than one
equal shareholding (a peer owner position) and added together, the
number of then peers is set autonomically only by the peers and all the
peers can own the whole unit or only a portion of it,
either where the ratio of the peers' portion (d, as 1<=d<0) is a
or where the entrance to the group is first to the peer owner
position and only from there with others one could be holding a non peer
position (as an ordinary owner).

The idea takes into account two types of currencies: peer-coin assessing
equal shareholding (of the peer owners) and object coin assessing
services, products and holdings, where equal shareholders are holding
little companies which equally hold together a bigger company (see this
picture) and in parallel are, or represent, departments in the bigger
one, so that

the objects moving between departments are evaluated by object coins,
the holding in the groups representing the departments are evaluated
by peer coins and
both type of coin can evaluate each other.

An open question ( ): Is the
personal agreement enough for being connected in an autonomous system
(outside from taxation too) by peer coin and object coin and could such
coins be produced like BitCoin?

Conclusion: We can create a free economy from the capital owners and
without a government, by a new economic system, belonging only to the
public and every one can immediately begin do it!

For creating more diversification, distribution and clarifications,
please connect to become a peer owner in the consultant comcom ( ).

By the idea's developer and under this (cc) license ( ).

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